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Bubba's journey

I have a long way to go, but each day I get stronger

This certainly has been a very Merry Woofmas….

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12 Responses to “This certainly has been a very Merry Woofmas….”

  1.   kazann Says:

    He looks so handsome in his t-shirts! That is a great smile for you on Xmas day. I hope your 2018 is filled with joyful, play-filled days together. All the best Bubba and family.
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  2.   jjreed88 Says:

    What a handsome boy! Our Ava just went through surgery 12/21 and it was a Merry Woofmas for us to as she was home in time for Christmas! Wishing Bubba quick recovery and sending love!

    •   babs2018 Says:

      Awe… wishing Ava a speedy recovery too. Bubba had his surgery on the 19th. When I took him in to have his ankle checked I never expected to be told he has cancer. We thought for sure he had sprain his ankle. Well here we are with a three legged dog and we just love him even more. This site is so full of great information, but more importantly, amazing folks and their tripawds going through or have gone through the same thing. Thank you and I will keep your Ava in my prayers…

  3.   jjreed88 Says:

    So glad Bubba is doing good and thank you too! It has been quite an overwhelming process and I think Ava is taking it much better than us human family members 🙂 Here’s to a great 2018 for both Bubba and Ava!

    •   babs2018 Says:

      It sure has been overwhelming. It’s really remarkable how these pooches are able to withstand the pain and power through it. Bubba played in the snow today and just had a good time and my heart swelled with joy, admiration and so many other emotions . He knows when to slow down, take it easy and rest. Yes, here’s to a fantastic 2018 for our fur babies, Bubba and Ava!

  4.   Super Stu! Says:

    Hoppy Christmas Bubba and Family!
    How incredible that you got to play in the snow so soon after surgery! You must be rockin’ the recovery!
    It sounds like you are so very much loved and you are so very deserving of it too! Hats off to you Dad for his service and hugs to your grandparents for being incredible support to you all!

    Rots Of Ruv and Hoppy New Year from Super Stu and his Pack.

    •   babs2018 Says:

      Thank you Super Stu and Pack!!! Bubba is just loving the snow and short romps in the snow. His recovery certainly has been remarkable and more himself everyday. Our son thanks your for recognizing him. Happy New Year!!!

  5.   tobylove Says:

    Looking good, Bubba! Toby sends a cookie. Loved the video of Bubba playing in the snow!

    •   babs2018 Says:

      Yay…for Toby’s first chemo treatment. He is such a beautiful boy and we are sending lots of prayers for continued recovery. Bubba just loved the cold snow and a little freedom to romp around in it. Let’s hope we all have a great 2018!

  6.   danielle Says:

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of your big guy! I love the one of you driving and taking a selfie with him, on another page. Such smiles and light from both of you. This is a wonderful web site, and has helped me immensely with advice, and support. My boy also had osteosarcoma, an amputation, and 6 rounds of chemo. If that’s the road your on, I am here for you, if you ever need to chat. Gerry’s blog is called “brand new world” and chronicles our journey.
    Sending you support!

    •   babs2018 Says:

      Wow… You are so amazing and thank you Danielle! I just love how strong this Tripawds community is. I’ve been so inspired by so many stories and they have help us journey though all of this. I’m most definitely going to your Gerry’s blog. My heart is so full of love and joy for this big goof and just living for the moment because, if I think about the inevitable it will tear my heart out and he will pick up on that. We just treat him as we normally would and I do believe this has helped him recover and adapt to his new life. Only happy days for all of us…

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